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Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. rescues domestic companion birds (conure-size and larger), rehabilitates them and places them into new forever homes within Texas. We are an outreach and placement program that obtains and places exotic birds that have been abandoned, mistreated, abused or are otherwise in need of a new home, into safe custody. We work diligently to improve the lives of companion parrots by providing them with an intermittent or permanent safe have. We also work tirelessly to advance avian welfare through public education and awareness efforts.  

Wings of Love Bird Haven began operating in 2003 and became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in February 2005.


Wings of Love Bird Haven formed when a group of concerned bird lovers became aware of the huge numbers of abused and neglected companion birds and wanted to help.

Why are so many birds unwanted? Although birds are the third most popular pet in the United States, they are often relinquished by their owners for a variety of reasons: a change in circumstances, an inability to address unacceptable behaviors or a lack of time to provide adequate care. Many bird owners become disillusioned with the time and care that an exotic bird requires. Birds can also outlive their guardians, as their average lifespans are much longer than other pets—from 20 to 100 years depending on the species. As a result, companion birds frequently pass from home to home—doomed to a life of inconsistency.

Wings of Love Bird Haven offers these owners an alternative to “passing the bird” to yet another potentially unsuitable situation and guarantees the continued care for the bird in a situation that will be the best for the individual bird--a home that is informed and committed to the bird's welfare - for its life.


The Wings of Love Bird Haven mission is two-fold: to rescue and provide assistance to birds that need help, and to educate current and new bird owners in the proper care of their companion birds. We work both with individuals who adopt from the Haven and those who already own a companion bird and need additional help.

Wings of Love Bird Haven's goal and desire is to place all birds in a loving forever home as family pets. Our qualified volunteer staff work with the birds and learn about their needs for their best possible future placement. When adoption placement isn't possible due to severe health or behavioral issues, the birds remain at the Haven until we can place them into a pre-approved permanent sanctuary or a long-term foster setting. There they will be given love and care for the remainder of their lives.

We do not purchase birds, nor do we sell, trade or use birds in our care for commerce or profit.

In addition:
* We promote responsible guardianship of all captive birds.
* We promote education on all issues of avian welfare.
* We oppose the selling of unweaned baby birds and production breeding methods.
* We do not breed birds that are adopted into the Haven nor do
we place any adoptable birds into breeding situations.
* We rarely adopt more than one bird out to a family or individual
at a time unless these birds came in together and are a bonded
pair. We suggest at least 3-6 months between adoptions.
* We strongly discourage the mass-marketing and selling of birds
through pet store chains, bird marts, and Internet venues.


From our beginning WOL Bird Haven has taken in companion birds from tiny finches all the way to the large Hyacinth Macaws. Unfortunately, due to funding, space and lack of enough volunteer help, we have had to make changes in this procedure. As of April 1st 2008, we only take in birds from conure size and up. In other words, we no longer take in finch, lovebirds, budgies, canaries or cockatiel. This has been a very hard decision for our board to make, however one we had no choice in if we wanted to give the best care possible to the birds we take in.

We operate in the state of Texas. We began focusing only on the DFW area but soon learned that this area wasn't large enough to find the number of good qualifying homes we needed so we branched out to other parts of Texas. We are currently striving to place home-checkers throughout the entire state of Texas. If you are interested in being a home-checker for us in your area please let us know via email. We can send you the application.

We are available for support, information sharing and referral to current bird owners to help them enjoy and live with these beautiful creatures.

For companion birds that unfortunately cannot remain in their current home, we offer care for them at the Haven until future adoption homes can be found. We are not a long-term sanctuary. Through screening, education and support we will act responsibly to facilitate committed, stable new homes that are matched to an individual birds temperament and needs.


Wings of Love Bird Haven has board members that work together to make the decisions of how the Haven should be organized. On a day to day basis however the Executive director along with a few volunteers take care of the routine needs of the birds at the Haven.


Having a rescue means veterinarian care, supply costs, utility bills, and food costs just to name a few things. Birds require medical attention just as other animals. We at the Haven choose to use an Avian Certified Veterinarian in most situations. All of these expenses add up greatly, and the adoption fees help to provide these needs.


The surrender fees are necessary because we test each bird before it comes into our facility. We routinely test for 4 different tests, however if a bird shows any signs of illness further testing will be done. We routinely test for Pachechos, Polyoma, PBFD and Chlamydia. There are others that we test for if we deem them necessary. The surrender fees that we require cover just the cost of the initial four tests. If any additional testing or vet care is needed that will be paid out of the Haven's general funds.


Birds can live a very long time. Some as many as 100 years or more. When a caregiver takes in a bird from the Haven, they are agreeing to keep that bird and care for it in the best possible way for as long as they possibly can. Anyone adopting a bird through Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. agrees to not sell or otherwise re-home any adopted bird during the first three years of the adoption. If for any reason you are not able to continue caring for the bird during this first three years you are REQUIRED to relinquish the bird back to Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. After the three years is up, the Haven no longer can mandate this, however we ask that if at any time you are not able to continue caring for the bird, you consider returning the bird back to Wings of Love Bird Haven to be placed in another kind and caring home. We go the "extra mile" to be sure the home we choose to place a bird in is the best possible placement for that bird.


Surrendering owners give up all rights and claims to the birds. However, surrendering owners may make certain reasonable suggestions regarding the birds upon the release such as: suggesting an individual caretaker, specifying a reasonable adoption procedure, requesting that certain birds be kept together, etc. We do what we can to honor these requests, however all decisions made will be in the best interest of the birds.


1) Must be 18 years of age or older
2) No smoking in the home --- period
3) Must not do any bird breeding.
4) Must live within the state of Texas (Exceptions only for special needs birds or special circumstances)
5) Must be willing to drive to the Haven to pick up the bird upon adoption
6) Must be willing to volunteer, take training classes, etc. as required
7) Must be willing to always feed fresh food--- not only pellets and seeds
8) Must give the bird plenty of out of cage time daily
9) Understand and eliminate the use of teflon products and other chemicals in the home.
10) Agree to an in-home check initially, as well as during the first 3 years after adoption. Agree to occasional contact from Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc.
11) Agree to relinquish the bird back to Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. if at any time you can no longer take care of it for any reason during the first 3 years. If it is necessary for relinquishment no fee will be reimbursed.
12) Is responsible for bringing the bird back to the Haven in a timely manner if there is a breech of contract or another reason the bird cannot stay with you.
13) Sign the agreement/contract
14) I'm sure there are more--- I'll add them later

If you feel you qualify, please fill out our Parrot Interest Survey form.



DeAnn W. Executive Director

"I can’t even IMAGINE life without my birds. I have always had animals, ever since I was a young child. We’ve had mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, turtles, ferrets, horses…. I even had a bird when I was younger, but not until I was an adult did I find my TRUE PASSION. I just love them. My first birds as an adult were cockatiels. At the time we got them, I really started seeing my interest in them in a whole new light.

Through my reading and research, I realized just how many were being abused and treated unfairly. I realized that we (people in general) had taken these birds out of their natural habitat, and unfairly locked them up. We tried to fit them into “our world” instead of letting them be as God created them to be. It was at that time that I decided I needed to do something about it. Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. was established for the purpose of taking in these abused, sick and needy birds. We also strive hard to educate the public on what it takes to keep a bird "healthy and happy".

DeAnn is married to husband Stanley for 33 years and has 3 grown children and two granddaughters and a grandson. Favorite pass-time "away" from the birds is fellowshipping with friends and family, helping people understand how to get and remain "healthy", and reading Christian books.

boardmember_cindyCindy L.

Cindy's primary position at the Haven is to design all of our flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.   She also does local home checks. Having worked in marketing and design for more than 11 years, she uses that experience to help us with things we need done .Cindy and her husband Chad have 4 parrots at present. Their current flock includes Lulu the cockatiel, Butters (formerly Cariad adopted from the Haven), and cockatoos Dusty and Kali (also adopted from the Haven).

Debbie S.

Debbie’s position at the Haven, although mostly an “in the background” job hasdebbie boardmember1 benefited us immensely. Debbie has spent many hours working on updating files for us and has also helped a lot with research that needs to be done in different situations… including but not limited to items we want donated, companies who might be willing to sponsor us with funding, grant research, and more. She has and will continue to be a huge help here at the Haven.

Jon C.


Jon C. Joined the Haven board in Jan 2015 after volunteering with us for several months. He not only helps us with many of the online networking responsibilities but also isjon boardmember
willing to help with emergency bird situations any time something comes up. He fosters for us on a regular basis and has also adopted an African Grey from the Haven as well. He currently has 2 birds of his own. Bonnie- the African Grey and a Parakeet named T-cup. Jon is also faithful to continue to come to Haven workdays each month.

Jon is married to Missy and they have 2 children, both of whom are very involved in their own activities. Missy is a Girl Scout leader and their 15 year old daughter is very involved in Scouts.  Their son (age 6) is a handful that keep them both hopping much of the time.

We are very grateful for Jon and his willingness to do all he does to help the Haven.

Missy C.


Missy C. joined The Haven in June of 2015 as the Secretary after volunteering for almost a year. She is currently working with 2 of our Fosters and has already helped with finding several download
others their forever homes. Missy is also the Troop Leader for Rowlett Girl Scouts Troop 9311, Treasurer for Rowlett Girl Scouts Service Unit 147 and works full time as a Project Manager with the same company for 20 years. She currently has 3 birds,(Bunny- African Grey, Charlie-Goffin and Trouble- Lovebird), 3 dogs (Layla, Maverick and Rocky) and a fish whose name changes weekly. She is married to Jon C. and they have 2  very busy kids; a 15 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.

Lou D.


Lou D. joined the Haven in ??? of 2015. She has been volunteering for over 4 years.lou She adopted her 2 Umbrella Cockatoos from the Haven in 2013 and also has a Goffin Cockatoo that she has owned for over 10 years.

Lou began working part time for the Haven in January 2015. She is always ready and willing to do just about anything we need her to... as evident in the picture where she was asked to squeeze into a very tiny space. In her spare time Lou enjoys  ????



Dr. Pilar Fish--- DVM
Dr. Dustan Clark--- DVM, PhD
David N. Phalen, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ABVP (Avian)
Lainey A.--- herbs and nutrition for birds
Zahara A. ---Attorney at Law
Andrea R. --- Financial advisor/Tax preparer

Board members click here to review forms in progress.


WOL Bird Haven
Mailing Address: WOL Bird Haven, Inc.
PO Box 182, Red Oak, TX 75154

Phone: 972 617-3931

(Please know that this phone is not answered. The easiest way to contact us is by email. Please leave a message here if it is an EMERGENCY only.  

Email:    info@bird-haven.org
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