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We recommend that you also read "The Bird Owner's Manual" by
Emily Strong (free download from her website: Emily is one of the Haven's former Board Members and we value her knowledge. She is currently a staff member at Best Friends.


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Blue Fronted Amazon
Nito is a Blue Front Amazon. He Nito- Blue Frontfor the most part has been very docile and friendly. He has adapted very well to the Haven diet of fresh fruits and veggies... seems to LOVE them. He is in almost perfect feather- with a bit of a "cowlick" on the back of his head. He is approximately 24 years old and has lived in a home with another bird and several cats. We won't be surprised if he talks "cat" more than bird. 🙂 He has a fairly good vocabulary saying such things as Hi, Pretty bird, Caaaarrrrrole, here kitty, kitty and more.  It is unknown if he is a boy or girl, but for sure has never laid an egg so they previous owners assumed male. 

Adoption fee for Nito is $425.00

Sponsor Nito for 35.00 per month



Female Eclectus- probably a Vosmaeri

Hello. My name is Athena. I actually came to the Haven without aathena1 name from an animal control  in another city. They took great care of me there but felt that the Haven could place me into a loving home easier than they could.  I'm very sweet but a bit shy of hands. I am learning to trust them more and will now allow De to not only hold me but pet me too. I'm sure it won't be long before I will allow others to do the same. Just give me time.

I love the food at the Haven and eagerly wait for it each day. I am looking for just the right person that will love me and give me their undivided attention.   

Adoption fee for Athena is $450.00

Sponsor Athena for 35.00 per month




Female Indian Ringneck

Hello there. My name is Sunny. I am a really beautiful ring neck parakeet. My previous owner died so I came to the Haven to find a new home. I'm very shy until I get to know you and then I will very slowly come around to more attention and loving from you.    

Adoption fee for Sunny is $200.00

Sponsor Sunny for 35.00 per month.



Blue and Gold Macaw     (thought to be male)

Hello. My name is Madison. I am an approximately 22madison year old Blue and Gold Macaw. Unfortunately I have been in several homes before coming to the Haven (at least 5). I have lived in English  and Spanish speaking homes so know some in both languages. I say things such as come here, step up, pretty pretty baby, love you, stop it, hurry up, what's up and hola. I  was in my last home for 5 years.

I am fairly sweet once I get to know someone but it takes me quite a bit of time to warm up to new people.  I just want to find a home that will keep me forever. This is my dream. I want to be loved by YOU!               

 Adoption fee for Madison is $550.00.

Sponsor Madison for 50.00 per month


Lei Nani

Blue and Gold Macaw (Thought to be Female)

My name is Lei Nani. This means BEAUTIFUL and it fits me perfectly. I am very familiar with children- as my owners had 8 children from 2 months to 19 yelei naniars of age. I was in one other home before my last home.

I also had a dove and cockatiel in my previous home as well. I am approximately 3 years old and it is said that I like men more than women, however I seem to do OK at the Haven with the women caretakers. I am a bit shy and take a while to warm up to new people.

I do talk- saying such things as Hi, hello, good girl, come here, pretty bird, Noah, come on and more. 


Adoption fee for Lei Nani is $550.00.

Sponsor Lei Nani for 50.00 per month

Sweet Thing                    sweet thing

Umbrella Cockatoo (male), I am a wild caught cockatoo of unknown age. I am very skeptical... wary of strangers. I Do bite and according to my owner it is very unpredictable. I can be very sweet and loving.

So far- since coming to the Haven I have been very stand-offish. I am just now getting up the nerve to come to the front of my cage and stay there if/when someone comes into the room. Today my caretaker was actually able to pet my head for the first felt wonderful. 🙂 She was excited that I actually let her.  

I have lived in "side by side" cages with a female Mollucan cockatoo for several years. Through the cage bars his previous owner says he is very docile with Pumpkin (Molluccan) however there is fear he might be too aggressive. He has bred with another bird and raised offspring in years past.  

Adoption fee for Sweet Thing is $500.00.

Sponsor Sweet Thing for 50.00 per month



Hello. My name is Boo. I am a very sweet Umbrella Cockatoo. boo1 In fact, when I was brought to the Haven I was being carried by my moms grandchild who is very young. I can be handled by young and old alike- boys and girls- males and females. I just LOVE ATTENTION.  

I've actually had two mommies and they both loved me very much. My first mom was very busy and so she gave me to my second mom. My second mom recently died. My first mom lives out of state so she contacted the good people at the Haven who were happy to take me in. I would love it if YOU would consider being my new mom or dad.                          

Adoption fee for Boo is $500.00.

Sponsor Boo for 50.00 per month



Molluccan Cockatoo (Female)

Hello. My name is Pumpkin. I am a wild-caught molluccan cockatoo of unknown age. I am very shy and wary of new people. I have only been in one home my entire life. I am very calm once I get to know someone. I do get nervous outside of my cage so my previous owner rarely let me out because of my panic attacks. I was with a male Molluccan in the past--- produced one egg but never raised any offspring. I need to find someone that will allow me to be myself... who will love me for who I am. I love to have my head and scratched. 

Adoption fee for Pumpkin is $600.00

Sponsor Pumpkin for 50.00 per month



Sulpher Crested Cockatoo (male) 

Hello. My name is Lovie. I am fairly sweet, however just like many other birds, Lovie I take my pick on who I like and who I don't. There have been a couple of people that I showed obvious dislike to... both men. I am really loud, so please make sure that you can tolerate noise if you take me home... my last adoptive home wasn't quite so willing. I am currently living in a foster home and doing great. I am learning to get along with my sibling dogs- but I'm still the BOSS!

Adoption fee for Lovie is $500.00.

Sponsor Lovie for 50.00 per month



Lesser Patagonian Conure (picture soon)

Hello. My name is Roger. Well- that's probably not my real namerogercrop but... that's what the good folks at the Haven are calling me. As long as they love me and take care of me they can call me whatever they choose. You see, I was recently "dropped off" at a wildlife rescue by my owner. They didn't even tell them my name.  🙁

I'm a really sweet boy (or girl)  but because of everything that's happened to me lately I started plucking m feathers. When I arrived here at the Haven almost all my tummy feathers were gone. I also pluck my wing feathers too.

I'm looking for someone that will take me in and love me... just the way I am. There's a really good chance that my feathers will grow back once I'm in a stable environment again. Are YOU looking for love???? I might be just the one!

Adoption fee for Roger is $300.00 

Sponsor Roger for 35.00 per month.


Bubba   (Possibly Bubbina)

Congo African Grey

Hello. My name is Bubba. I am a Congo African Grey of unknown sex, although the people at the Haven THINK I am a girl. Not a lot is known about me. My most recent momma loved me dearly, but she "acquired me" and didn't really know how to take care of me well. The man in the house wasn't too fond of my noise and my mess either. So... she reluctantly brought me to the Haven.

I take treats very nicely from hand, however don't really like to be handled. The workers at the Haven  are trying to teach me that it is OK but I'm still not a fan of that yet. Maybe I'll learn to be with more treats.   

Adoption fee for Bubba is $450.00 

Sponsor Bubba for 35.00 per month.



Green Wing Macaw (picture soon)

Hello. My name is Rusty. I am an approximate 20 year old Green Wing Macaw. I'm doing very well at the Haven, although not quite ready to trust everyone yet. rusty1This will come once I have more time to adjust. 

Please be patient--- as De and the rest of the Haven team want to make sure I'm well adjusted to go to a new home so it might be awhile before you can actually take me home but please let De know if you are interested in giving me a new home. My previous owner took the best care of me that he could but he was sick and had a hard time doing what I needed. That's why I'm at the Haven. I look forward to being able to go into my new home soon.    


Adoption fee for Rusty is $650.00.

Sponsor Rusty for 50.00 per month.