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Things to consider before you adopt a bird


We recommend that you also read "The Bird Owner's Manual" by
Emily Strong (free download from her website: Emily is one of the Haven's former Board Members and we value her knowledge. She is currently a staff member at Best Friends.


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The prices that are listed on each birds profile are our "typical prices" for that kind of bird. There may be times that this price will be altered (discounted or increased) somewhat depending on certain situations. This of course is a decision only the Board of Directors can make.


Rookie is a male Blue Headed Pionus that is approximately 6 years old. He is a real sweetie. Owners claim him to be quite noisy, however we haven't really noticed that. (Of course we're used to the Macaws and Cockatoo noise. He might also be just too intimidated to speak with all the competition here at the Haven).

He is also known to be a bit nippy, however we haven't seen this personality yet either. Previous owner said it occurs about once every 2 weeks.

He (as most birds) loves to bath in his water bowl when he hears the vacuum cleaner. Other than this he is usually given a water bath with a sprayer.

Pionus aren't known for their great talking ability, however Rookie says Good morning, good morning rookie bird, how's the rookster this morning?, rookie roo, night night, time for night nights, hello and Mr. Stirry (this was his made up nick name for his previous owner-- no idea why).

Rookie will make someone a great companion. Are you the one that will win his little feather heart???

Adoption fee for Rookie is $325.00.  Sponsor Rookie for  $35 .00 per month




Trixie is a  (presumed to be ) male Turquoise Green Cheek Conure.

He is a bit flighty but still very easy to handle. Adoption fee for Trixie is $200.00

Sponsor Trixie for $35.00 per month




Luna is a (presumably male) Pineapple Green Cheek Conure

Adoption fee for Luna is $200.00 for both. He is flighty but fairly easy to handle. A bit nippy but still able to be handled without a problem.

Sponsor Luna for $35.00 per month




Maximillion Pionus

Hi. I'm Wally. My owners took very good care of me but because of health reasons and life throwing them a "curve ball" they had to re-home me.  My owners were told I was a boy, however they now think I'm really a little girl. I am a firecracker for sure- hatched on July 4th 2011. I am very sweet and most of the time I'm not too noisy. I love to travel and do well in the car.

I love to shred all types of toys... wooden sticks are my favorite. I don't talk but I do know how to mimic all types of sounds.   I want nothing more than to be loved and become your very closest friend.

Adoption fee for Wally is $325.00  Sponsor Wally for $35.00 per month.


Sunny      sunny

Female Indian Ringneck

Hello there. My name is Sunny. I am a really beautiful ring neck parakeet. My previous owner died so I came to the Haven to find a new home. I'm very shy until I get to know you and then I will very slowly come around to more attention and loving from you.  However I don't like hands... they scare me.

Adoption fee for Sunny is $225.00  Sponsor Sunny for $35.00 per month.


Lei Nani

Blue and Gold Macaw (Thought to be Female)

My name is Lei Nani. This means BEAUTIFUL and it fits me perfectly. I am very familiar with children- as my owners had 8 children from 2 months to 19 years of age. I was in one other home before my last home.

I also had a dove and cockatiel in my previous home as well. I am approximately 3 years old and it is said that I like men more than women, however I seem to do OK at the Haven with the women caretakers. I am a bit shy and take a while to warm up to new people.

I do talk- saying such things as Hi, hello, good girl, come here, pretty bird, Noah, come on and more.

Adoption fee for Lei Nani is $575.00.  Sponsor Lei Nani for $50.00 per month



Sweet Thing                    

Umbrella Cockatoo (male), I am a wild caught cockatoo of unknown age. I am very skeptical... wary of strangers. According to my owner I do bite and it is very unpredictable. I can also be very sweet and loving. This the the personality the Haven team has seen.

When I first came, it took me a very long time to open up and come out of the corner of my cage. Now, I'm not only comfortable coming out of the corner but I love to come out and sit on top of my cage (or cruise around on the other cages if the caretakers heads are turned. 🙂 I have no idea what the words "step up" mean so once I'm out it is a circus trying to get me back in sometimes. 🙂 I love to give them a run for their money.

I have lived in "side by side" cages with a female Molluccan cockatoo for several years. Through the cage bars his previous owner says he is very docile with Pumpkin (Molluccan) however there is fear he might be too aggressive. He has bred with another bird and raised offspring in years past.

Adoption fee for Sweet Thing is $550.00.  Sponsor Sweet Thing for $50.00 per month



Hello. My name is Pumpkin. I am a wild-caught Molluccan cockatoo of unknown age. I am very shy and wary of new people. I have only been in one home my entire life. I am very calm once I get to know someone. I do get nervous outside of my cage so my previous owner rarely let me out because of my panic attacks. I was with a male Molluccan in the past--- produced one egg but never raised any offspring. I need to find someone that will allow me to be myself... who will love me for who I am. I love to have my head rubbed and scratched. I do not know the meaning of the words "step up" but most of the time will be lured in with a nut.

Adoption fee for Pumpkin is $575.00  Sponsor Pumpkin for $50.00 per month


Lovie Lovie

Sulpher Crested Cockatoo (male)

Hello. My name is Lovie. I am fairly sweet, however just like many other birds,  I take my pick on who I like and who I don't. There have been a couple of people that I showed obvious dislike to... both men. I am really loud, so please make sure that you can tolerate noise if you take me home... my last adoptive home wasn't quite so willing. I am currently living in a foster home and doing great. I am learning to get along with my foster sibling dogs- but I'm still the BOSS!

Adoption fee for Lovie is $550.00.   Sponsor Lovie for $50.00 per month




Hello. My name is Rusty. I am an approximate 20 year old Green Wing Macaw. I'm doing very well at the Haven, although not quite ready to trust everyone yet. This will come once I have more time to adjust. I do sometimes step up for De.

Please be patient--- as De and the rest of the Haven team want to make sure I'm well adjusted to go to a new home so it might be awhile before you can actually take me home but please let De know if you are interested in giving me a new home. My previous owner took the best care of me that he could but he was sick and had a hard time giving me what I needed. That's why I'm at the Haven. I look forward to being able to go into my new home soon.

Adoption fee for Rusty is $675.00.  Sponsor Rusty for $50.00 per month.



Hello. My name is Picasso. I am an approximate 1.5 year old Scarlet Macaw. Yes, I'm still a baby. However I do have a "big bird" attitude. I'm doing very well at the Haven, although not quite ready to trust everyone yet. This will come once I have more time to adjust. I do sometimes step up for De.

I love to go outside in the outdoor aviary but haven't mastered the fact that I have to behave myself yet. I tend to try to be a bully with the other birds so De has to separate me into a "cage" all by myself outside. I will try to learn to be nice and play fair. 🙂

I was taken good care of in my previous home but they just didn't have enough time to devote to me. They knew I would find a better home and wanted that for me. Do you think I could be a good friend to you???

Adoption fee for Picasso is $ 600.00.  Sponsor Rusty for 50.00 per month.



(Due to health reasons Isabelle is not available for adoption yet)

Hello. My name is Isabelle. I am an approximate 12 year old Catablu Macaw.  A Catablu is a cross between a Blue /Gold macaw and a Catalina Macaw( which is a cross between a Scarlet and a Blue/Gold). Unfortunately I've got some health problems that will take awhile for me to get fixed but the good folks at the Haven are making sure I get what I need.

When I came into the Haven I was taken immediately to the avian veterinarian because I had large tumors on my chest, lower body and vent area. The vet said I was extremely OBESE and would need to be put on a diet. She said that the tumors were most likely benign- but that if I loose weight too quickly I could get liver damage. She estimates it will take me about 9 months to get to my accurate weight.

One of the tumors needed to be removed immediately because it was infected. The surgery was successful. I finished taking my medication to make sure it doesn't get infected. Now I just need to wait to see if the new diet will help the other tumors shrink.

My previous diet wasn't very good so I'm having a bit of a hard time learning to eat the good food that the Haven is providing. If you want to send me some PECANS this is my favorite nut and I'm allowed several of these every day. 🙂

Please be patient--- as De and the rest of the Haven team want to make sure I am well enough to go to a new home so it might be awhile before you can actually take me home. Please let De know if you are interested in giving me a new home.

Sponsor Isabelle for $50.00 per month.