Help us buy land

Dear Friend of the Haven,

Thank you for being a supporter of The Wings of Love Bird Haven. I am writing to you today to ask you for some help. Friends of the Haven such as yourself have always been so generous, and we have done so much since the Haven opened its doors in 2003. We have taken in and re-homed over a thousand birds. Yet, our job is not done.

The board of directors at the Haven have found a 6.5 property that would allow the Haven to do so much more to rescue, rehome, rehabilitate, educate adopters, and also provide a life-time sanctuary for those birds that due to health or aggression cannot be placed into a home environment. Not only does this property already have a large building on it that we can use as our main aviary- it also has a home, a mobile home and 2 other smaller buildings. We believe that this property will allow us to move and continue without having to break at all.

We are asking you to please help the Haven to purchase this property. This property is within 10 minutes of the current Haven so all current board members, volunteers and the director herself will be able to get there easily. We do not yet have an asking price from the owner but with land prices continually rising, we believe NOW is the time to purchase this land if the price is within current range. We have  plans to talk to the owner of the property sometime after Jan 15. At this time she will give us her asking price.

Because we are nonprofit we have no collateral to offer and no bank will give us a loan. Fortunately, the owner of this property is willing to finance it for us. They are asking for at least 25,000.00 down payment. We need to RAISE 30,000.00 or more by mid-February, We are asking that you give as much as you can towards the purchase of this land. Can you give $25.00? Then, please give that. Perhaps you would be able to give $100.00. Perhaps you’ve been blessed to have an abundance and could easily donate $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000.00. If you simply can’t give, ask a friend to donate in your name as a “special” Holiday gift to you this year.

Just to put this into prospective to show how easy this would be if we work together.

  • If only 30 people would each donate 1000.00 we would reach our goal.
  • If only 60 people would each donate 500.00 we would reach our goal.
  • 300 people (and yes we have well over 2000 on our email and fb list) would each donate 100.00 each we would have our goal.

We are currently operating on an acre of property that is “borrowed”.  When we get a call that many birds are in need of rescuing it becomes an EMERGENCY situation. These birds must be placed in quarantine facilities away from the healthy birds. Often, we don’t have room for all the birds and must only take those we have room for.

angelSuch was the case with Angel and Rainbow.  Both of these birds came from large rescue seizures.

Angel came from a flock of over 50 birds. A chronic egg layer, she was found in a cage with over 30 unfertilized eggs in her nest box. He body depleted of calcium was the cause of her crippled legs and feet. All the birds had bacterial infections that required veterinary attention.

rainbowRainbow, came from a seizure of over 60 birds. Rainbow had a very bad infection and will remain on medication for the rest of his life. Rainbow now lives with a loving family. Arrangements have been made for the Haven to continue buying his medication as needed.


Sammie (originally named Buzzard by his previous owner) lived his life inside the same cage with another bird who plucked Sammie’s head. The owner never realized that the birds needed to be separated. Once at the Haven they were each given their own cage. After several months both were able to be handled and were each able to go into new adoptive homes. Sammie did grow some of his feathers back but not all of them.

These birds and all other birds that come to the Haven have one very special thing in common. They are each given another chance at a happy life. Unfortunately, there are many birds that never get that chance. Because of lack of space the Haven is turning birds away almost daily. With the purchase of this property, we will have the room! With more space we could offer so much more to these beautiful creatures that need us and to our community as well. Our goal is to offer a place for volunteers and prospective adopters to come and learn more about how to care for parrots through education programs. Vet students, high school students needing volunteer hours, community service hours, and boy/girl scouts could all benefit from volunteering at the Haven. We even hope to provide a place for counselors to be able to work with PTSD war veterans.

We are asking that you search your heart and financial means and give as much as you can to help the birds at the Haven. We can’t ask for more than that.  The parrots are depending on you! Won’t you please help?

You can send donations via check:

Bird Haven PO Box 182 Red Oak, TX 75154 use as the receiving email

www.networkforgood--- use as the receiving email

Or… if you prefer to pay via debit or credit card but not online please email me at and we can set up a time for me to call you to get the credit card information. Any way you send it… Thank you for helping the parrots at Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. And remember- All donations are tax exempt.


De and the rest of the Haven Team

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