Parrots 4 Life


Our Parrots 4 Life Program is for birds deemed unadoptable, retired breeders and those too ill to be living in a home environment. This program is not established yet because we don't own enough land where we can keep parrots long term. Our goal is that once we have property we will be able to build species specific flights for these birds that can (for various reasons) not be adopted out into homes.

For now, when we get these birds we will try to reach out to other parrot Sanctuaries across the nation and place these birds in their care. It has been our understanding through research that most of these facilities charge 1000.00 or more (a month) for placing a bird in their sanctuary.  We will also reach out to various zoos and other animal parks to see if our birds might be able to be given their own habitat there.

We will be very careful with this placement as our primary concern is for the true comfort of the bird. We will never allow any of these birds to be set up into breeding establishments (with the exception of a bird that is on the endangered species list and then we will place him/her accordingly), nor will be allow any of these birds to be placed into a situation where they are kept in a busy, stressful environment. The best solution for them is just to give them a very large flight cage--- other compatible birds to live with and leave them alone. This is our goal for them. We will do what we need to do to find this environment.

Obviously we require the following:

  1. nutritional diet
  2. adequate enrichment activities
  3. adequate flight cage with plenty of room to fly
  4. adequate temperature control- with sunshine included
  5. daily maintenance--- yet as stress-free (little human intervention) as possible
  6. medical/vet care when needed

Eventually we hope to become that Sanctuary. Our hold back is funding. We don't have enough to funding to purchase 5-10 acres of land. Until then we will do our best to place appropriately.