Our Story

Who we are

Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. rescues domestic companion birds (conure-size and larger), rehabilitates them and places them into new homes within Texas. We are an outreach and placement program that obtains and places exotic birds that have been abandoned, mistreated, abused or are otherwise in need of a new home, into safe custody. We work diligently to improve the lives of companion parrots by providing them with an intermittent or permanent safe haven. We also work tirelessly to advance avian welfare, Wings of Love Bird Haven began operating in 2003 and became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in February 2005.

Mission and Purpose

The Wings of Love Bird Haven's mission is two-fold: to rescue and provide assistance to birds that need help, and to educate current and new bird owners in the proper care of their companion birds. We work both with individuals who adopt from the Haven and those who already own a companion bird and need additional help. Wings of Love Bird Haven's goal and desire is to place all birds in a loving forever home as family pets. Our qualified volunteers/staff work with the birds and learn about their needs for their best possible future placement. When adoption placement isn't possible due to severe health or behavioral issues, the birds remain at the Haven in our life-care sanctuary. There they will be given love and care for the remainder of their lives. We do not purchase birds, nor do we sell, trade, or use birds in our care for commerce or profit. We are a no-kill rescue- meaning that we would only have a bird euthanized for his/her own suffering if veterinary intervention is not possible or probable. Our veterinarian is a strong partner with us and is always there to help us make these tough decisions.

In addition:

* We promote responsible guardianship of all captive birds.

* We have a very high standard of care which we follow.

* We promote education on all issues of avian welfare.

* We oppose the selling of un-weaned baby birds and production breeding methods.

* We do not breed birds that are adopted into the Haven nor do we place any adoptable birds into breeding situations.

* While we do believe that having more than one bird is good for the birds themselves (friends to talk to, not necessarily cage-mates), we rarely adopt more than one bird out to a family or individual at a time unless these birds came in together and are a bonded pair. We suggest at least 3-6 months between adoptions.

* We strongly discourage the mass-marketing and selling of birds through pet store chains, bird marts, and Internet venues.

Here are our current or soon to be established programs:


* Adoption

*Foster care (seldom done- as needed)


a. partner with vet tech programs
b. K-12 education
c. parrot owners

*Community Outreach
a. helping hands (stay in the home)
b. safe Haven- domestic violence
c. nursing home visitation
d. veteran assistance
e. partnering with special needs adults

*Life-care Sanctuary