Our Board Members

Charlene M. Executive Director      Charlene@bird-haven.org

Charlene M. began volunteering for the Haven in 2020 right after COVID entered our world. We had just moved to our new property.

Lou D. Treasurer      Lou@bird-haven.org 

Lou D. began volunteering at the Haven in July 2011. Her very first "volunteer job" was to swing a paintbrush inside our (then) new toy building. She later joined the Haven board in 2015.

She is owned by Chaka, her late husband's Goffin's Cockatoo, and Sinbad and Cleo who are Umbrella Cockatoo's she adopted from the Haven in 2012.

Lou began working part-time for the Haven in January 2015. She is always ready and willing to do just about anything we need her to. Lou is the Haven Treasurer.  In her spare time, Lou enjoys traveling and enjoys traveling with her boyfriend around the country in his motorhome with their three cockatoos. What a circus!!!

Rowan P. Secretary      Rowan@bird-haven.org

Rowan was invited to be the secretary on our board in December 2021.

Cindy L. Board member     cindy@bird-haven.org

Cindy joined the Haven board over nine years ago. Cindy's primary role at the Haven is to design and supply marketing materials. Having worked in marketing and design for more than 14 years, she uses her experience to help us with things we need done. In addition, she occasionally performs local home checks.  Cindy and her husband, Chad, currently have four parrots and one rabbit. The current flock includes Lulu (Cockatiel), Butters (Patagonian Conure), Dusty (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo) and Cali (DuCorps Cockatoo). All but Lulu were adopted from WOL Bird Haven. Butters has been with her for nearly twelve years and the Cockatoos for almost eight. Cindy and Chad also help at large events and are regular Haven donors to the Haven.


Paula. - Board member      Paula@bird-haven.org

Paula was invited to be on our board in December 2021.

DeAnn W. Founder/Director Emeritus -     de@bird-haven.org 

I can’t even IMAGINE life without my birds. I have always had animals, ever since I  was a young child. We’ve had mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, turtles, ferrets, horses…. I even had a bird but not until I was an adult did I find my TRUE PASSION. I just love them. My first bird as an adult was a budgie. We didn't keep him very long. Later, after I had kids we got two cockatiels. At the time we got them I  really started seeing my interest in them in a whole new light.

Through my reading and research, I realized just how many were being abused and treated unfairly. I realized that we (people in general) had taken these birds out of their natural habitat, and unfairly locked them up. We tried to fit them into “our world” instead of letting them be as God created them to be: FREE. It was at that time that I decided I needed to do something about it. Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. was established for the purpose of taking in these abused, sick and needy birds. We also strive hard to educate the public on what it takes to keep a bird "healthy and happy".

DeAnn and her husband Stanley have known each other since DeAnn was 1 year old and have been married for 39 years. They have 3 grown children and seven grandchildren. Due to her own failing health, she has resigned from her position as director of the Haven for the last 21 years, however, plans on continuing to do as much "behind the scenes" volunteering as she possibly can. In addition to her continued service for the Haven, she plans on doing more crafts and hopefully getting to go on a few cruises with her sister. They have had three cruises canceled due to COVID and currently have two cruises booked. One is booked for May 2022 to Alaska and the other is booked for 2023 to Australia.

Advisory Membership

The below people have graciously volunteered to be "on-call" to help answer any questions we have in their area of expertise any time we have an emergency situation that might need them. We are very grateful to have such great knowledge at our "wing-tips".

Dr. Pilar Fish--- DVM
Dr. Dustan Clark--- DVM, PhD
David N. Phalen, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ABVP (Avian)
Lainey A.--- herbs and nutrition for birds
Zahara A. ---Attorney at Law
Andrea R. --- Financial advisor/Tax preparer
Dr. Sharman Hoppes- DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian)
Dr. Anna Osofsky- DVM, Dipl.ABVP (Avian)
Terry Traveland--- Legal Advice


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