Here are our adoptable birds…

Isabel   (presumed Male)


Isabel's hatch date was in May of 2000. He came to the Haven eating a very wholesome diet. His favorite foods are peanut butter, carrots and apples. Typically willing to step up onto your hand but not always.

Isabel's favorite place to hang out (both in his previous home or at the Haven) is in front of a window.  Until coming to the Haven he had never been around other birds. He has adjusted well considering all the noise.:)

His favorite toy is either a paper bag or a cardboard box...  loves ripping them up. He isn't really fond of spray baths but loves taking a bath in his water bowl.

Isabel is just wating patiently for his new person to come and get him. Could that be you???

Sponsor  Isabel for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Isabel is $550.00.

Birdie B 

Quaker (Female)

We are still trying to get updated

  information on Birdie B but we think she is less than 2 years old. More updates to come.

So far she has been very sweet and gentle.

Sponsor  Birdie B for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Birdie B is $200.00.



Quaker (UNKNOWN)

Hiccup was found. After a long, exhaustive search for his/her owner the person that found him brought him to the Haven so he could find a new home. Very sweet... a shoulder surfer (which we don't allow here at the Haven) and an excellent flyer. His name was coined because the surrendering family said that the only sound they have heard him make is a "hiccup" sound. He will be a super pet for someone.

Sponsor  Hiccup for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Hiccup is $200.00.

Sweetie Pepper   

Senegal (Female) 

Sweetie came to the Haven just a few weeks after his bird friend Kiki came here. Kiki has already gotten adopted and we are hopeful that it will be a good fit for the family to adopt Kiki as well.

Sponsor  Sweetie Pepper for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Sweetie Pepper is $275.00


Senegal (Female)

  • Pollito is a 4 year old Male Senegal. He was very loved and well cared for (actually spoiled( by his previous mom but life changes have forced her to find him a new home. She wants nothing more than for him to be spoiled rotten.

Pollito has only been in the aviary less than a week so we haven't yet been able to learn his temperament well. Politto is used to being around dogs. He was fed a wonderful diet and loves carrots, broccoli, green apples, snap peas, and baby tomatoes.

Seems to tolerate females better than males.

More information as we get to know him better.

Sponsor  Pollito for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Pollito is $275.00.

Kichee (unknown)

Green Cheek Conure 

Kichee is a very shy Green Cheek Conure. It appears he wasn't handled much at all in his previous home so has quite a long way to go before being comfortable as a handled pet. We're working on it though. He isn't aggressive at all--- just scared. We hope that very soon he will know and understand that our hands are safe and he will want to come out and get handled. In the mean time... we just love him as best we can.

Sponsor Kichee for $35.00 a month.

Adopt Kichee for $200.00

JoJo (Presumed Male)

Sulpher Crested Cockatoo 

Hello. My name is JoJo. No one knows much about me. I was actually FOUND at a pond playing with the ducks. The folks at the Haven now assume I wasn't really playing with them but instead trying to hurt them. I tend to be very aggressive with other birds therefore I need to be in a home without other birds. I'm really not sure how I would act around other types of animals but best not tempt me.       I tend to scare people because I move quickly. Just like most cockatoos I can be very loud and try hard to get your attention. 

Sponsor JoJo for $50.00 a month.

The adoption fee for Jojo is $550.00.

Boo and Tink (Female Bare Eyed Cockatoo and Female Umbrella Cockatoo)

Boo and Tink have been together most of their lives. Boo was hatched in April 2010 and Tink was hatched1994.  They spent very little time inside their cage, being given free-roam of their home most of the time. They do need to be adopted out together but must be kept in separate cages as Boo is very demanding of Tink and Tink gets irritated easily with her.  We do let them out a lot together but always with supervision.

Here they are allowed to be outside the cage as much as possible since this was what they were used to. They are both fairly friendly once they get to know you. Tink is much shyer and reserved than Boo.

If you feel you could give Boo and Tink the home they both deserve please let us know.     

Sponsorship for Boo and Tink is @70.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Boo and Tink is $750.00 

Cisco ()

Red-Lored Amazon

Cisco was here once before and due to family tragedy, he was brought back.  Cisco is an older Amazon and very sweet-natured. He is very eager to just be loved by someone and love them back. 

Sponsorship for Cisco is $35.00 per month

The adoption fee for Cisco is $375.00

Sophie (Female)

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Sophie is a Beautiful and very loud Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. She was hatched in 1990. She has lived with several other birds during her lifetime--- but with the same family the entire time. When health problems entered their family they were forced to surrender all but one of the birds.  None of the birds seemed to be bonded to each other so separate adoptions were chosen. 

Sophie is extremely loud and would be best going to someone who had an outdoor aviary for her to live in. She loves people but her vocalizations make it almost impossible for her to live inside a home. 

Do you have a large aviary for Sophie to enjoy and plenty of time to enjoy her company???

Sponsorship for Sophie is $35.00 per month

The adoption fee for Sophie is $500.00

Lovie (Male)

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Lovie is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo here at the Haven. He wants nothing more than to just "hang" with his person all day and all night too. The biggest problem is that Lovie is extremely "loud" when you aren't able to give him lots of this undivided attention.

Lovie is "almost" fully feathered" but this does change depending on the attention (or lack of it) that he gets. Since being here he has had to have a portion of one wing amputated due to a growth that needed to be removed; this has not slowed him down in the least. 

Are you a homebody??? Lovie would love to be your "roomie". 

Sponsorship for Lovie is $35.00 per month

The adoption fee for Lovie is $500.00


Grayson (Male)

Scarlet Macaw

Grayson is a Scarlet Macaw that was hatched in 2007. He is very personable. He was very much  loved in his previous home, but his family, a young couple were very busy and couldn't give him the time and attention they wanted to,

Unlike some of our birds, Grayson arrived at the Haven already enjoying his fresh foods. Although we were told that he "loves his fresh fruit", he's also enjoying his fresh Haven chop, which we make with a high percentage of vegetables. 

Currently Graysonlooks a little "fuzzy" on his tummy. His family said he says "hello" and "hello baby" and his favorite toys have bells. He likes to come out of his cage and just sit on his cage door or on top of his cage and watch the volunteers as they work.

Grayson is an observant fellow who would love to hang out with a family of his own. How about you? Would you like to be Grayson's new family??? 

Sponsorship for Grayson for $50.00 per month.

Adoption for Grayson is $600.00

 Ziggy (Male) 

Blue and Gold Macaw

Hello. My name is Ziggy. I am a very young (only 4-years-old) Blue and Gold  Macaw. I was hatched in 2017. I love to eat a large variety of different foods. I'm not really too loud for a Macaw either. I traveled To Texas from another state and lived with my human until he was not able to care for me any longer.

The Adoption Fee for Ziggy is $575.00

Sponsor Ziggy for $50.00 per month.