Here are our adoptable birds…


Indian Ringneck (Female)

Hello there. My name is Sunny. I am a really beautiful ringneck parakeet. My previous owner died so I came to the Haven to find a new home. I'm very shy until I get to know you and then I will very slowly come around to more attention and love from you. sunny However, I don't like hands... they scare me. No one knows just how old I am.

The adoption fee for Sunny is $225.00

Sponsor Sunny for $35.00 per month.



Indian Ringneck (Female)

Hello there. My name is Peeps.

The adoption fee for Peeps is $225.00

Sponsor Peeps for $35.00 per month.



Blue Quaker 

Hello there. My name is Ace.

The adoption fee for Ace is $300,00

Sponsor Ace for $35.00 per month.



White Bellied Caique (Female)

Gus is very energetic white bellied Caique. She (yes- we call her Gussy) is able to be handled easily, however, we've found that she does have her favorite folks and if passing from person to might decide she doesn't want to transfer to the other person and will ultimately bite. Gussy is full of spunk and energy. She is quite the beauty and loves to show off her colors.

Sponsor Gus for $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Gussie is $375.00



Solomon Island Eclectus (Male)

Jade is a an approximate 16 year old (DOB May 2003) that has been with the same owner his entire life. He lived with several other birds but wasn't always friendly with them. He is typically a great bird, but does have moods where he bites without warning. He has been leash trained but need someone very patient to get him used to this again. The leash used was from (

He has always been on a very good diet.. fresh fruits and veggies as well as nuts and sprouted seeds/legumes. He eats an organic pellet called TOPS as part of the whole food diet. Eclectus parrots digestive tract is very different from other types of parrots and need berries and fruits  more than the other types of fruits.

Jade can be a super addition to just the right family.

Sponsor Jade for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Jade is $500.00



Congo African Grey (Male)

Sponsor  Keto for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Keto is $500.00.



Congo African Grey (Male)



Sponsor Keto for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Karoo is $500.00.



Sulpher Crested Cockatoo (unknown)

Hello. My name is JoJo. No one knows much about me. I was actually FOUND at a pond playing near the ducks. I am very friendly and seem to have been well cared for,  however, I tend to scare people because I move quickly. Just like most cockatoos I can be very loud and try hard to get your attention.

The adoption fee for Jojo is $550.00.

Sponsor Jojo for $50.00 per month



Green Wing Macaw (Male)

Hello. My name is Rusty. I am an approximate 23-year-old Green Wing Macaw.(approximatgely '97) I'm doing very well at the Haven, although not quite ready to trust everyone yet. This will come once I have more time to adjust. I do sometimes step up for De.

Please be patient--- as De and the rest of the Haven team want to make sure I'm well adjusted to go to a new home so it might be awhile before you can actually take me home but please let De know if you are interested in giving me a new home. My previous owner took the best care of me that he could but he was sick and had a hard time giving me what I needed. That's why I'm at the Haven. I look forward to being able to go into my new home soon.

The adoption fee for Rusty is $675.00.

Sponsor Rusty for $50.00 per month.



Moluccan Cockatoo (Male)

Hello. My name is Charlie... Affectionately known as "Charming Charlie" or "Houdini" to the Haven crew. Not only have a totally BROKEN OUT OF (LITERALLY HE BROKE THE WELDS) three Stainless Steel Cages but have escaped another Stainless Steel Cage too. Each time I do I very cleverly "break into" another cockatoo's cage to spend time with him. The only problem is that he doesn't share the same "affection" for me as I do for him so he immediately leaves his cage for a safer zone. 

The Adoption fee for Charlie is $600.00

Sponsor Charlie for $50.00 per month.



Scarlet Macaw (Male)

Adoption for Grayson is $600.00

Sponsor Grayson for $50.00 per month.



Adoption for Chip is $600.00 (ADOPTION PENDING)

Sponsor Chip for $50.00 per month.



Blue and Gold Macaw (Thought to be Male)

My name is Chico. I've been at the Haven before. My most recent adopter had to bring me back because he got sick and his wife couldn't take care of me and him too. I'm really a good boy... just a bit scary if you are afraid of big beaks. De says I'm a big-ol' bluff. 🙂 I've settled down quite a bit since I first came to the Haven in 2012. Perhaps my second home helped me learn to be more gentle. His birthdate is approximately 1993.

I'm looking for my new friend. I typically bond best with one person- but learn to tolerate others in the home fairly well too. I promise I'll try to be nice to everyone if you'll just give me a chance.

Sponsor Chico for $50.00 per month

The adoption fee for Chico is $600.00.


 Lady Tex

Catalina Macaw (Female)

Hello. My name is Lady Tex. the good folks at the Haven know very little about me because I came from an animal control. It is reported that someone found me and turned me in there. My Haven family tried to locate my owner but had no luck.

Since coming to the Haven they have discovered that I can say Hola, hello and other things. 

I'm probably going to surprise them with several other words before I leave here. I love to talk to all of the volunteers as they work... they are very entertaining. They say I'm entertaining to them too.  While I miss my previous family, I have grown to love the birds and family I have here. I do miss having my very own "person" and hope to have someone adopt me to call me their own.  Please consider adopting me into your home.

Sponsor Lady Tex for $50.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Lady Tex is $575.00.



Scarlet Macaw (Female)

Hello. My name is Lucy. I am an approximate 4 year old Scarlet Macaw. I've lived in 2 homes prior to coming to the Haven. Not because I'm a bad bird... far from it. I'm a great bird. My first owner was allergic to my dander so he had to find me a new home. My second owner loved me very, very much but due to her work schedule she wasn't able to spend enough time with me. Without a lot of time and attention I became bored...  this made me scream A LOT. I also started to barber my feathers. She tried to do the best for me and decided the best was to help me find a new home that could give me more time and attention.

I eat a varied diet... nothing I don't like. I also love to chatter. I say such things as birdie, step up, wow, ah-ah-ah (when I tell her no), water and what? She also loves to mumble.

the person who tries to adopt me needs to have plenty of time for me so that I can get lots of attention. I will need to have a very large cage and also be allowed out on a tree perch often. I am leash trained as well... love to go outside.

Sponsor Lucy for $50.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Lucy is $600.00


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