Here are our adoptable birds…


Indian Ringneck (Female)

Hello there. My name is Sunny. I am a really beautiful ringneck parakeet. My previous owner died so I came to the Haven to find a new home. When I came to the Haven I was not hand tame at all. 

Unfortunately, I received an injury from another bird but I am doing great now. During the time I was healing I got very tame with my caretaker. Now that I am eating on my own again I am back to not liking to be handled much. I do LOVE  to escape my cage any chance I get. I know that with a little regular love and attention I will be easy to handle again. 

The adoption fee for Sunny is $225.00

Sponsor Sunny for $35.00 per month.


Indian Ringneck (Female)

Hello there. My name is Peeps. I am not super hand tame but would still make someone a great companion. I am very curious about my surroundings and always want to be included in the goings-on here at the Haven. My friends at the Haven tried to let me become good buddies with Sunny but Sunny didn't like me very much. I will be a great companion to someone who just wants a friend.

The adoption fee for Peeps is $225.00

Sponsor Peeps for $35.00 per month.


Congo African Grey (Male)

Keto, also affectionately known as "birdbrain" is a 21-year old African Grey parrot. His very FAVORITE phrase is "come on!" and then he scratches his OWN head! He also says (with the Texas drawl!) "Come O-o-o-o-oone!" He's been pretty chatty in the bird room lately- not loud, just conversational. He's told the volunteers "hello!", "Keto" and helpfully, "what are you doin"?"

We're told he was not very noisy in his prior home, just mostly at dinner time or when the table was being set- if he was hungry or wanted attention. He probably wanted to make sure he was included for dinner since, after all, eating is a Flock Activity! Some of his favorite foods are pasta, grapes, chicken, and apples. 

Keto loves toys that can be chewed up, and he enjoys shredding paper. He likes a mist-bath on top of his cage and likes to have his cage covered at bedtime. And, he loves to dance! 

Keto lived with 3 children, 2 cats, and a large dog, and although we don't know how much contact he actually had with them, at least we know he's seen children, cats, and dogs before.

Keto is a very sweet little guy, who has a little issue with feather plucking. He first plucked when he went to his first owner straight from the breeder, and it just continued through his second owner and became a habit, like a person biting their fingernails. He doesn't pluck down to his skin, "only" down to his down feathers and his tail so he always looks a little "fluffy". We have since found out that Keto had a  preen gland infection and treated him for this. We are hopeful that he will fully feather but a potential adopter should be aware that he may never let his feathers grow back, however, he doesn't see to get agitated or upset--- his attitude is calm and curious, so we think this is just an ingrained habit.

This sweet, curious guy is ready for his forever home. Keto says "Come O-o-o-one down to the Haven and meet me!"  

 and Sponsor  Keto for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Keto is $500.00.



Buster is a Blue Fronted Amazon. He isn't very hand tame but is very entertaining. He loves to greet you when you come in by saying Hello. He also likes to say "ba-bye" even before you are ready to leave.  🙂  He is very attentive to all that is going on but chooses to not want to be handled. He is still a fabulous bird and would be a great friend to someone who needs one. I think that with more time he would learn to trust hands again. 

Sponsor Buster for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Buster is $475.00.


Yellow Crowned Amazon


Sponsor Toby for  $35.00 per month.

The adoption fee for Toby is $475.00


Sulpher Crested Cockatoo (unknown)

Hello. My name is JoJo. No one knows much about me. I was actually FOUND at a pond playing with the ducks. The folks at the Haven now assume I wasn't really playing with them but instead trying to hurt them. I tend to be very aggressive with other birds therefore I need to be in a home without other birds. I'm really not sure how I would act around other types of animals but best not tempt me.       I tend to scare people because I move quickly. Just like most cockatoos I can be very loud and try hard to get your attention. 

The adoption fee for Jojo is $550.00.

Sponsor Jojo for $50.00 per month

Pretty Bird 

Sulpher Crested Cockatoo (thought to be male)

Hello. My name is Pretty Bird

The adoption fee for Pretty Bird is $550.00.

Sponsor Pretty Bird for $50.00 per month

Cricket and Critter   

Goffin Cockatoo Girls are a hoot to watch. Cricket is a bit shy while Critter is very friendly. Both are easy to handle and will step up easily out of their cage. Once out (per the previous owner) Critter would bit without warning. We have seen pictures of this evidence but so far have not experienced this behavior here. Understand, however, that they aren't out here nearly as much as they are in a home environment. These two girls are bonded to each other so must adopt as a pair.



The adoption fee for Cricket and Critter is $ 700.00

Sponsor Cricket and Critter for $70.00 per month.


Green Wing Macaw (Female)

Hello. My name is Boomer

The adoption fee for Boomer is $675.00.

Sponsor Boomer for 50.00.


Scarlet Macaw (Male)

Adoption for Grayson is $600.00

Sponsor Grayson for $50.00 per month.

 Lady Tex

Catalina Macaw (Female)

Hello. My name is Lady Tex. the good folks at the Haven know very little about me because I came from an animal control. It is reported that someone found me and turned me in there. My Haven family tried to locate my owner but had no luck.

Since coming to the Haven they have discovered that I can say Hola, hello and other things. 

I'm probably going to surprise them with several other words before I leave here. I love to talk to all of the volunteers as they work... they are very entertaining. They say I'm entertaining to them too.  While I miss my previous family, I have grown to love the birds and family I have here. I do miss having my very own "person" and hope to have someone adopt me to call me their own.  Please consider adopting me into your home.

The adoption fee for Lady Tex is $575.00.

Sponsor Lady Tex for $50.00 per month.


Blue and Gold Macaw

Hello. My name is Ziggy.

The Adoption Fee for Ziggy is 575.00

Sponsor Ziggy for $50.00 per month.