Adoption Process

Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. is a rescue for any parrot in need of shelter, whether they outlive their human, are unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused, and/or injured. It is of utmost importance that the best interest of each bird is considered at all times. These birds each have a story- a history- a life that is unique. Each and every decision that is made is made with the best interest of the bird in mind. There are many different reasons that birds are surrendered to the Haven. Here are just a few of them:

  • They are too loud
  • They are too destructive
  • They are too messy
  • They bite
  • They are plucking their feathers
  • I don't have enough time
  • I'm having a baby
  • Allergies
  • I lost my job
  • The bird was given as a gift- not really wanted
  • doesn't like all household members
  • It is too expensive
  • death of a family member
  • and many more

Please remember that companion birds can be very expensive to take care of properly. They live a very long time; anywhere from 20-100 + years. Please consider these things when you are considering adopting a parrot. Adopting a bird is not to be thought of as an easier and cheaper way to acquire a pet parrot. Whether purchasing retail or adopting, caring for a pet parrot is a huge responsibility and expense. The very best adoption results are with those families who are willing to visit the parrot at our facility several times over a few months before adoption. This begins a relationship with your parrot that smooths the way to a seamless adoption. It is less stressful for both the parrot, and the human(s.) 

*Just remember:  Our main concern is for the health and well-being of our parrots. All adoption decisions are made with this in mind.

A few things to be aware of:

1. We do not place birds with smokers in the home. This includes cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs and vaping. 


3. We only place birds with people whom we have met in person.

4. We do not place birds in breeding or resale situations. 

5. If you adopt from us, you will sign a legally enforceable contract; you can read it here. ADOPTION CONTRACT (2019)

6. We do not place birds with minors, or with those adopting a bird for their minor children.

7. We may conduct a background check. This is to insure the safety of our beloved parrots. It is important to us they are placed in a safe, loving home.

  • Adoption Process

1.  Send parrot adoption application including the $10.00 application fee. This application fee is non-refundable. Please be sure to read all of the processes to make sure you qualify prior to applying, and understand and agree that if for any reason you are denied the adoption the $10.00 fee is going to be used to help the birds in our care.  There are 3 ways you can pay for the application fee:

A. Send the application and the check, money order, or cashier's check to Bird Haven 1850 Newton Rd. Ferris, TX 75125

B. Email the application to us at Be sure to let us know you are mailing in the adoption fee or sending it via PayPal.  You can PayPal us by using the email

C. FAX the application to us at (469) 694-8410. Again- note on the application how you have paid the adoption fee.  


2. Once the adoption application and fee are received, it will be reviewed by our staff.

3.  Parrot 101 Classes will periodically be conducted at our facility. 

4. A home check will be scheduled. This is preferably in person, but virtual visits during the pandemic may be necessary.  We will look at the living conditions, designated bird area, and all the other things that are important for the bird; There will be a $25 home check fee required prior to the home visit payable online as described above for anyone within a 50-mile radius of one of our home checkers.  If you are outside of a 50-mile radius, there may be additional travel costs to cover.

5.  If all has gone well with the above steps we will need to schedule your visit to the Haven.  We are located in Ferris, TX.   With advanced notice we can schedule this almost any day of the week.  This will have to be agreed upon by both parties.  Since we've already met you, now it's time for you to meet our birds. Our goal is to match the person/family that is best for each bird.  Please know the best fit may not be the one you applied for. 

When you make an appointment please be on time.  We plan our schedule around each visit. Many times we have back-to-back appointments.

Birds sometimes bite. Therefore, you will be asked to sign a liability release waiver prior to visiting with the birds. Please note that all minors must have the liability form filled out and signed by their legal guardian. If you are bringing a minor with you that you are not the legal guardian of you MUST get the liability form filled out and signed by the legal guardian prior to coming  (NO EXCEPTIONS) You can read this form here. Visitation_Liability_Release_Form.

6.  Depending on how this visit goes, we will determine if/when the final adoption will take place.  If for some reason none of the birds are a fit, your application/fee remain effective for one year from the date of submission.

You must bring a suitable carrier in which to transport the bird. You must already have the bird’s cage set up and approved by us before taking the bird home. 

*Please note: we feel that birds do best in the company of other birds.  However, we prefer to adopt each bird individually to give the new bird and family members adequate adjustment time.  We do not encourage birds to be introduced as cage mates as adult birds.  If this is your only bird we encourage each family to consider the adoption of another bird. We ask that you wait at least 4-6 months to give your first bird time to acclimate to his new home.

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