Boarding Your Bird

- By DeAnn Waggoner, Executive Director, Wings of Love Bird Haven

Everyone that owns a pet at some time will need to leave their home for more than a day at a time- requiring a need for a pet sitter or boarding facility to care for their beloved pet. Of course you want to do what is best and SAFEST for your pet. Below is our recommendation on how to choose this care in the safest way possible.

Considering that many pet owners are not "responsible pet owners" many people don't get their birds (or other pets for that matter) vet-checked regularly, nor do they get the necessary vaccinations they need to be and stay healthy. For this reason, the first question you should ask a boarding facility is if they require the birds to have been tested negative for the four most serious diseases: Polyoma (PVD), Psittacine Beak and Feather (PBFD), Psittacid Herpes (PsHV) and Psittacosis. If the facility does not require this, it is our suggestion that you not even consider using it. These diseases are extremely airborne. Should any bird in the facility have any of these diseases and your bird is anywhere within the same air space, it is possible for your bird to get it. Of course, if you've vaccinated your bird, some of these won't be a concern.

In our opinion, unless the above is done, it is far safer to find someone willing to come into your home to care for and feed your bird than to chance your bird being exposed to such diseases unecessarily. Even if you do this, make sure that the person caring for your bird in your home sanitizes himself prior to handling your bird or the dishes. Even someone coming into your home, if they own birds of their own, could be bringing in disease.

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