How to Contact


PO Box 182
Red Oak, TX 75154

We are extremely busy. Please be sure to read the entire website to see if we answer your questions there first. If the answer isn't there, please email us a detailed list of questions and we will respond to you via email. Most of the time we are busy throughout the day caring for the birds and won't get to your email until late at night--possibly even a day or two after you've written us. Unless it is an emergency, please allow us to answer your questions by email instead of phone if at all possible. If your phone call is NOT an emergency we will not respond to it. We respond to email, fax or regular mail. Alternately you can find us on Facebook or message us there.

Phone: (this number is not answered daily. We always prefer to communicate via email, Facebook or Messenger so if you really want to get in touch with us please try these ways first.)

(972) 617-3931

By Fax:
(972) 617-3936

By Email:

Web Site:

Wings of Love Bird Haven Rescue