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Wings of Love Bird Haven is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that depends on the donations of others to help us take care of these beautiful birds. Unlike a high profile "public charity" all of the donations benefit the birds. Tax deductible donations are welcome in any amount.

Fundraising can be a great educational experience for children, and sponsoring one of our many birds can be an ongoing project for an individual family or for a classroom.

YOU may also consider adding one or more of the birds to your gift-giving at Christmas or throughout the new year. They all love to receive new toys or special treats. Thank you for caring abut the birds at Wings of Love Bird Haven and for your generosity in helping us continue.


Read our supporters' stories by clicking on the rotating banner above or on any of the corresponding links below to learn why friends of Wings of Love Bird Haven believe in giving to Wings of Love:

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Other Ways To Give

We welcome gift cards from Lowe's, Home Depot, Costco and Wal-Mart.

We also welcome you to purchase food from our various regular vendors. If you wish to purchase items from these  places for us feel free to send us an inquiry so we can help you order the items we need most.

  • TOPS Pellets
  • www.ChinaPrairie.com
  • Sproutpeople.com
  • Nuts.com

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

good-neighbor-programWings of Love Bird Haven is participating with Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program and now you can link the account number (12169) to your Reward cards. Please fill out the Reward Application Form at any Courtesy Booth, or you can print it out here (PDF file, recommend browser: IE6.0 & up). Fill in the top portion and the "Good Neighbor Program" section, indicating what account number (12169) to link to your card. Please click here for detailed information.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program


Step 1. Print out this letter (PDF file, recommend browser: IE6.0 & up)

Step 2. Take the letter with you to your neighborhood Kroger store the next time you shop.

Step 3. Present the letter with Wings of Love's Barcode (PDF file, recommend browser: IE6.0 & up) to your cashier upon checkout. After they have scanned your Kroger Plus Card you will be enrolled for the current year of the Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program. Please click for detailed information. Please sign up for this program yearly.


goodsearch-120x60 goodshop-120x60

A "no-brainer" way to help our organization.

Click on the links below to join. Once you sign up for each of them and set The Haven up as the recipient of the "kickbacks," they will be stored on your computer and/or phone and anytime you click on them when doing a search (goodsearch) or shopping online (goodshop) The Haven will benefit. It's just that easy!

SaveanAnimal_125x125SIGN UP FOR I-GIVE.COM

Please Sign up for I-give.com and anything you purchase from any of the I-give stores will give monetary credit back to Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. on your behalf.

Please type Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. into the space provide on the search page to give us the full credit. Each search will earn us approximately 1 cent towards our cause.

Our Wish List for specific items:

  •  Special (waterproof) storage equipment for storing quarantine uniforms.
  •  Gas powered generator in case of power outage. We have a small one but still need a larger one.
  • Golf cart--- to help us carry food and other supplies to the different buildings /aviaries once we move to our new property.
  • Metal building at least 30 x 40 in size.
  • Car port frames- We need several of these to convert into outdoor aviary. They need to be at least 20 x 40 in size.

BECOME A FOSTER CARE HOME--- rarely needed

We rarely use foster homes because we need the birds to be all on one property so that those interested in adopting them can see them all at the same place. However, there are occasional times we can utilize foster homes. Most of the time they need to be NO BIRD foster homes. Once in a while we can use a home where there are other birds, In this case our birds would have already been disease tested and you would be required to have testing done on your bird prior to the foster. For fostering information, click here.


You can help in a multitude of ways. We're always looking for energetic volunteers, whether or not you live in Texas. If you love birds, then we'd love to have your help in making WOL Bird Haven better and stronger.

Please click here for more information about Volunteering at WOL.