Foster (as needed)


While Wings of Love Bird Haven doesn't utilize Foster homes on a regular basis. We have tried this several times in the past and it just didn't work well for us. There are a few occasions where we do. These are always very specific circumstances. We ask that all Foster care Providers live within a 20 minute radius of the Haven and be willing to do all transport of birds and cages as needed. In addition the foster homes must provide the following:

  1. Liability form
  2. Foster form for each bird
  3. Provide bi-monthly updates/pictures
  4. Interest in the welfare of the bird
  5. Provide proper attention to their environment
  6. Be a smoke-free home
  7. Be a no-breeding home
  8. Not use chemicals or toxic teflon
  9. Provide daily out of cage time
  10. Provide daily fresh fruits/veggies (we will provide pellet and nut diet)

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