Haven Mash

- By DeAnn Waggoner, Executive Director, Wings of Love Bird Haven

Below is the recipe for Haven Mash that we feed our birds daily. Choose 3-5 items from the list below and mix them in a large stainless steel or glass container for storage. Make sure that all grains are whole grains, not processed. These items could be either cooked or sprouted. Be sure to alternate these grains, beans and veggies each time you make up a new batch of food. This will ensure that your bird is getting the largest variety of vitamins and minerals.

- wheat berries     - rye berries     - spelt berries     yummy haven mash - Copy
- quinoa                 - oat groats      - barley
- brown rice          - triticale           - buckwheat
- millet or any other whole grain

Add to the above approximately the same amount of 13-bean blend. Do not add the spices that come with the bean mix into the mixture. Mix all of the above together and store in an air tight container to use out of each time you make this mix. So, in the end, you should have a container with 13 different types of beans along with about 3-5 different types of grains. Each week when you make a new batch you will use out of this same container of dry beans/grains. I make two-three batchs of mix each week because we have so many birds. Each time you make up a new batch of dry mix, try to change the types of grains you use for the best variety of nutrition.

Suggestions of beans (for cooking, not sprouting) if you are mixing them yourself are:

- baby lima beans              - large lima beans     - garbanzo beans
- great northern beans     - kidney beans           - black-eyed peas
- yellow split peas              - green split peas      - navy beans
- pinto beans                      - red beans                 - black beans
- lentils

(NOTE: This is not the same list of beans as you would use to sprout. Only use peas and lentils for sprouting.) Put 2 cups of the above mixture in a medium saucepan and cover with water. Put on medium heat and cook with lid for exactly 30 minutes. After timer goes off, add one handful of oatmeal (not 5-minute oats) and one handful of any dried fruit that is not sweetened with extra sugar. Stir all together and let cool with lid off. While cooling, begin chopping veggies in a separate bowl.

Choose 6-10 veggies from the list below. Be sure you always include several different colors of vegetables. This way you can assure that you are getting the different types of vitamins in each batch. You can add other veggies not on the list if you desire. Do not include avocado, onion or rhubarb.

- romaine lettuce         - spinach                   - bell pepper
- chard                           - parsley                    - cilantro
- jalapeno peppers      - zucchini squash    - spring mix
- leaf lettuce                 - red leaf lettuce      - escarole
- endive                         - arugola                   - bib lettuce
- boston lettuce           - watercress              - green beans
- hubbard squash        - basil                        - dill
- cabbage                      - parsnips                 - grapefruit seed extract
- beet greens                - okra                         - thyme
- carrots                         - yellow squash       - ginger root
- pumpkin                     - sweet potatoes     - garlic
- jicama                          - collard greens       - mustard greens
- dandelion greens      - cauliflower             - broccoli
- leeks                            - fresh cinnamon    - bok choy
- corn                             - peas                        - butternut squash
- cranberries                 - oregano                 - tomatoes
- red cabbage               - turnips                   - schiazandra beans
- carrot greens             - rosemary               - tofu

Cut the veggies into fairly small pieces, depending on the type of bird you are feeding. I use a food processor and "pulse" the veggies until they are approximately pea size. Do not turn the machine on as this will make it become too liquid. The amount of veggies should be approximately equal to the amount of grains/beans mix that you've cooked. Once bean mix is cooled completely then mix the two together and refrigerate. I use a vacuum sealer, which extends the life of the ingredients; however, it will last about 1 week if you don't vacuum seal it. I feed out of this every morning, making the morning feeding fairly easy. In the evening, the birds get fruit, pellets and any seeds I might give them for a treat.

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