How to Surrender…

If everything possible has been done and you find yourself in the position where you have to surrender your bird please follow the steps below:

  • Please be sure that you have the legal right to transfer ownership of this bird to the Haven. If there is any doubt in your mind that you might not have this legal right (possibly owned by you and your ex for example) please contact that other person first and get the permission you need.
  • Please be as honest as possible on the health of your bird. If there is any possibility in your mind that this bird is sick please let us know upfront. This doesn’t mean we won’t help you or can’t take the bird- it just means we need to do things a bit differently.
  • Fill out the Parrot Surrender Application. This form must be filled out as thoroughly as possible to give us as much information on the bird you are surrendering.
  • Be prepared to pay the required surrender fee at the time the bird is surrendered. We would also appreciate it if you can provide us with his cage, accessories, toys, and the diet that he is used to so that we can keep him as close to his norm as possible during the first few weeks of his stay here. He will adapt to this new “norm” but we prefer to give them time to adjust.
  • Be prepared to pay a 150.00 surrender fee at the time of surrender. This will cover only the disease testing we need to make sure the bird isn't carrying a disease. Of course, if you are able to pay a bit more (either at the time of surrender or via a monthly sponsorship) this is encouraged. The funds you are required to pay will only cover the disease testing. If the bird needs to visit a vet for any reason this would of course be out of our pocket. Any extra you can donate will help. 
  • Understand that within the first few weeks of your bird arriving with us we will be evaluating your bird on his/her potential of adoption vs. our Sanctuary life. If we as a board, staff and trainer believe that he is better suited for the Parrots 4 Life Program we would then ask that you continue to pay the monthly (yearly) boarding fee for your bird to remain on our property in the Parrots 4 Life program. Understand that parrots are a lot like people… each is so different. It might be that your parrot does better in a small family flock of the same species of birds instead of being forced to live in a cage in someone’s living room against his will. I’m sure you want the very best life possible for your feathered friend.
  • If you agree to all of the above then please email One of our volunteers and/or staff with contact you soon.