Parrots 4 Life


Our Parrots 4 Life Program is for birds deemed unadoptable, retired breeders and those too ill to be living in a home environment. This program is not established yet because we aren't on our new land yet, however once we are on the new property this program will be made available. Our goal is  to build species specific flights for these birds that can (for various reasons) not be adopted out into homes.

For now, when we get these birds we will try to reach out to other parrot Sanctuaries across the nation and place these birds in their care. It has been our understanding through research that most of these facilities charge 1000.00 or more (a year) for placing a bird in their sanctuary.  Very soon we will be able to provide this much needed sanctuary care. In the mean time we will be very careful of our placement. Obviously we require the following:

  1. nutritional diet
  2. adequate enrichment activities
  3. adequate flight cage with plenty of room to fly
  4. adequate temperature control- with sunshine included
  5. daily maintenance--- yet as stress-free (little human intervention) as possible
  6. medical/vet care when needed

Very soon we will be able to offer this ourselves.

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