Programs and Services

The programs and services we offer are as follows:

  1. Surrenders/Relinquish/Rescue
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Education

a. 9-12 and college emphasis for those students wanting to go into vet medical field

b. k-12 General education on pet care/responsibility and parrot care

4. Volunteer (Foster when needed)

a. We welcome group volunteers to help with things such as toy-making and treat-making on your own property.

b.  We work one on one with schools, courts, or others that require a specific number of volunteer hours and can provide opportunities for those needing to fulfill these hours to team up with us.

***Note- any person having any direct contact with the Haven birds must fill out a Liability Release Form and agree to not hold us responsible for any harm they may encounter. 

***Any person coming to the Haven property must use our disinfectant procedures for the safety of the birds in our care.

5. Community Outreach

           a. Helping Hands- designed to help keep parrots in the home when job loss, illness, etc. Also, help with working thru parrot behavior problems to try to keep the bird in the home instead of surrendering due to bad behavior.

          b. Safe Haven- Helping parrots that belong to victims of domestic violence.

          c. PTSD/Veterans Therapy- Designed to encourage Psychologists and counselors to utilize our program  (not implemented yet) to work with their PTSD Clients. (See a successful program at

   d. Nursing home visits

          e. Special Friends- Program for mentally and physically challenged.

6. Adoption (Foster as needed)

7. Parrots 4 Life- We currently do not have this program available because we don't have space. Currently, when we receive a bird that is deemed to need a Sanctuary we will partner with one of the other Sanctuaries and place him with them. It is our goal to become a qualified Sanctuary very soon. We have the land now---- just need the building.