The Haven's Education Program includes several different facets:

  1. We work within the local school community and try to educate the K-12 students about responsible pet care in general as well as about parrot care.
  2. We work with our local High schools  to encourage participation of students who want to go into a veterinary profession.
  3. We work with our local community college vet tech program to invite students who want to pursue a career in the veterinary profession to participate in an internship at the Haven. This internship will allow each student to be exposed to many different aspects of the Haven including but not limited to:

General parrot care
medical information
social media involvement

4. We strive hard to educate the general public in all we do. We do this in many different ways including but not limited to the following:

printed information
social media/website information
public interaction and presentations
presentations to local companies and civic groups
workdays available to the public
other opportunities that the general public can become involved with to gain further knowledge of parrot care.