Incoming Birds- Responsible transfer of ownership:

  • Counseling/guidance with owner to help keep the bird if possible
  •  Detailed history of bird obtained
  •  Legal release forms obtained
  • Surrender fee required unless prior agreement 

*** True rescue: Most of our birds are Surrendered/Relinquished, however there are many situations where a bird truly is a rescue. Animal Control from various areas, birds found in the community as well as those that truly need to be "rescued" from an owner who can no longer care for them and cannot afford the surrender fee. In these situations  we do try our best to take these birds when we have room, and we ask that the public will help us to sponsor their disease testing costs.


  • Accurate records will be kept on each bird including intake date, all vet/disease testing records, regular weight documentation, dietary needs, behavior tendencies, preferences and more.


  • Birds will be kept in quarantine until after all disease testing is complete and results in. If any concerns, more testing will be done before moving them into the aviary. Quarantine is off-property if at all possible in a no-bird home. If this is not possible we do have a separate quarantine building on our property. The director will be the only one that does any feeding/caring for the quarantine birds and total disinfectant/shower will be done each time quarantine area is entered.

Housing and Husbandry

  • Appropriate type, size and material for cage
  • Plenty of appropriate to species enrichment  will be provided
  • Diet type and amount appropriate to each species will be provided
  • Cages cleaned regularly
  • Floors cleaned and mopped  regularly.
  •  All those who enter aviary must walk thru disinfectant foot bath and sanitize hands.


  • We work directly with the Parrot 911 Lost and Found group online. It is sad to see just how many birds are getting away from their owners on a daily basis. Even more sad is that many of these birds would not get away if their owners would practice safe care such as using a carrier or leash any time they take the bird outside. We strive to always educate about this any chance we get.

In the mean time we believe that it would help to reunite these birds to their owners better if the birds were chipped. Because of this it is our goal to provide chipping for each bird that comes into the Haven. We eventually want to make our services available to the  public as well.    We haven't started this part of the program yet but our goal is to begin chipping all of our birds as soon as possible.

Click here to learn how to surrender a bird to the Haven.