There's lots of bird information out there. Here are some excellent resources you may find helpful.

Interviewed by Glo on Blog Talk Radio on 1/3/2013 ~
Wings of Love Bird Haven by A Variety of Pets

Good Bird Inc ~

A wonderful website provided by Avian Specialist and Bird Behavioralist Barbara Heidenreich.

Lots of free information as well as must-have books, DVDs and a quarterly magazine that can be purchased through the site.

Lost and Found ~
Contact the below link if you need to report a bird that has been
lost or stolen: The Bird Hotline-Lost/Stolen Birds

Contact the below link if you have found a bird and want to return it
to it's rightful owner: The Bird Hotline - Found Birds

Parrot Toy Angels ~

An all-volunteer nonprofit organization committed to providing toys, food and other avian supplies to companion birds in difficult situations. Their projects help to ease the burden for generous individuals and organizations that provide safe havens for birds. Parrot Toy Angels has been a long-time supporter of Wings of Love Bird Haven.

Choosing A Bird -
Things to consider before you adopt a bird

Adopt A Pet ~
go to

Essentialbird Chat Group ~
go to (search for group called Essential bird.)

Feeding Feathers chat group ~
go to (search for group called Feedingfeathers.)

Behavior training by Susan Friedman's ~
www.behaviorworks. org

A huge THANK YOU for those companies that have made donations to help the Haven.