Wings of Love Does Good Work

I first learned of Wings of Love through an internet search I performed while looking for a Cockatiel to be friends with my Cockatiel, Noisy. A year later I moved into the vicinity.

I remembered about Wings of Love, so it did not take me too long to go see if they could use me as a volunteer. They could, so I have been coming almost every week ever since. Our parrot rescue has birds ranging from Green Cheek Conures to Moluccan Cockatoos and most everything in between. We do our best to give these birds a safe, comfortable and happy home and give them the love that they need and deserve. Our birds have had hard lives. Imagine that you have a happy home and suddenly you are taken out of it, with no explanation, never to see your family again. This is what happens to our parrots. 

The people often have tear jerking stories as to why they had to give up their birds. Sometimes it is a loss of a job, spouse, or health. Other birds have been seized because they were forced to live in absolute squalor since their human caretakers completely neglected the needs of the birds. Some of our rescues have lived without knowing when they were going to get fed next, and were forced to live in small cages with piles of their poop. We take in all the birds we can, and look for new, loving homes for them. In the meantime, we try to fill the need these wonderful, intelligent, sensitive, loving creatures have to be members of a flock. 

This work cannot be done for free, however. I have donated a lot of time and some money to Wings of Love because this organization does good work and looks out for the welfare of the birds. This is the top priority. It is expensive.  Each bird receives veterinarian care when it is needed. They need fruits, vegetables, and nuts for their meals. Water and electric bills need to be paid.  It is not cheap. We also have another need. 

There are many people who have to give up their birds for one reason or another. It is nothing like giving up a dog or a cat. Not everyone can take in a parrot, or is willing to do so. There are few organizations with the knowledge to care for birds as there are for dogs and cats. 

We have to turn birds away because our facility is usually running at full capacity. I worry about the birds we have to turn away since their owners may turn to less than stellar alternatives in re-homing their pet. Thus, we are looking to build a larger facility so we can take in more birds so that more people no longer have to worry about what to do with their loved feathered friend when life turns sour on them, and the birds will be loved and properly cared for until they can join their next family. 

I love the parrots I care for, and they give me their affection right back. When I leave Wings of Love, I am happier than when I went in.  This is an organization that does good work, and we would welcome any support you could give us.

Ruth G.

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