More Than One Way To Give

I believe all birds need to feel loved and secure. I got my first bird, Popeye, an Orange-Winged Amazon, through re-homing in 1994. Over the years, five more parrots have been re-homed to my home:  Pickle, a Double Yellow Headed Amazon; Noah, a Blue–Faced Amazon; Jordie, a Jardine parrot; and most recently, two African Greys, Jocko and Ashley. Each parrot has its own different personality. I have learned a great deal from caring for these birds. They know they are loved, and I am rewarded with the love they show toward me. I believe the birds at Wings of Love Bird Haven deserve to have that same kind of love and security while they are waiting for their new loving home. They receive quality nourishment as well at Wings of Love.

I have been volunteering at Wings of Love for several months and thoroughly enjoy just being around the birds and doing whatever they need me to do to help. Each time I go, I learn something from the many different species. I am retired, so I have time to volunteer. This is a great way of using the knowledge and experience I have gained through caring for my parrots to help other feathered friends. It is only natural that I have begun to donate money to Wings of Love as I can.

Scott G.

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