Happy, Healthy Birds & Memories

I fell in love with parrots when my husband fulfilled his 30-year dream & we got a Goffin's cockatoo. My husband was disabled and not working, so the 2 of them hung out together all day. This funny, interactive, responsive, intelligent, little bird became my husband’s true “little buddy.” They went almost everywhere together, and shared meals and naps until my husband became, in his own words, “the kind of pet owner I hate!”

After my husband died I was able to devote some time to volunteering at Wings of Love Bird Haven. I support Wings of Love because they really go the extra mile to take good care of the birds who are awaiting their forever homes. New birds are vet-checked & treated if necessary, and then get a diet of organic fruits, vegetables & pellets, with filtered water, and individual attention. A trainer comes in to work with some of them as well.

Potential adopters are checked out, including an in-person home-check, and Wings of Love offers ongoing education and consultation. Wings of Love makes every effort to adopt out healthy, happy birds, and provide adopters support to help them create the best possible environments for their new family member.

Currently, Wings of Love is trying to purchase property to help more birds than the current facility has room for. I’m excited to help out in this effort, and I feel good about helping Wings of Love help more birds find loving homes where they can shine!

Lou D.