Giving Gets You “Slimer”

Wings of Love Bird Haven is a great organization that rescues parrots from a variety of situations and cares for them in order to give them theFB_IMG_1448371352742-2 opportunity to find their forever homes. Most people don't realize there is a large population of birds that need care and unfortunately Wings of Love is often forced to turn down birds that need rescuing due to a lack of funding. 

Rescuing a bird entails providing vet care from a certified avian vet and feeding a varied diet, including fruits, vegetables, and the highest quality pellets. The birds are also offered toys and other enrichment activities. Wings of Love truly cares about each and every bird that comes into their care and work hard to match birds with adopters.

In fact, we adopted our bird, Slimer, from Wings of Love in 2011, and he has become an integral part of our life ever since.  

Stephanie N.

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