Anyone Can Give, Even A Parrot!


My name is Einstein. I consider myself a fortunate parrot. I live with my humans, who love me very much. They provide me with nutritious foods, many toys, and an enriched environment. Unfortunately, this is not fate of many parrots.

People often keep parrots without knowing all our needs. Often, we are put in a cageeinstein and ignored because we bite or scream for attention. We want to be understood and loved!

We are fed an unhealthy diet of seeds. An all-seed diet is the equivalent of a human only eating french fries. We need a diet of fresh foods.

When people discover we are "too much work", the wonderful people who work at the Wings of Love Bird Haven come and rescue us. They work tirelessly to give us safe haven and nutritious foods. Best of all, they find us a forever home, and educate our new parronts about our needs.

To do all that is required takes a lot of money. I give to the WOL out of gratitude. Knowing that I am giving back to those less fortunate than me. This makes me feel blessed, and I do so with a happy heart!


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