I Donate for Three Reasons

jennysbird First, my heart wants to bring all homeless parrots to live w/me! Realistically though, I've only been able to bring one parrot home w/me from the Haven. So, the next best thing is to donate to an organization like the Haven that provides care & shelter to parrots waiting to be re-homed.

Second, I donate in honor of a friend & fellow parrot owner who passed away this year. She was very generous, giving both her time & resources to the Haven and our local parrot community. She is sorely missed by many.

Third, I am blessed to be able to donate. I am far from wealthy, but it is not difficult for me to work a small monthly allotment into my budget. Not everyone is able to do that, and so I feel it is my obligation to donate as long as I am able.

Best wishes,

Jenny P.

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