Triple ‘R-E’: REscue, REhab, REhome, Education

indexI can't say enough about Wings of Love Bird Haven. Birds are one of the most popular pets in America, and unfortunately, they're even more likely to wind up in a rescue. Birds have the intelligence and emotional capacity of a perpetual 2-5 year old child. Larger species of birds average about 8 different homes in their lifetime. Imagine the stress and heartache they go through being shuffled in and out like that!

Wings of Love has a huge compassionate heart for these amazing creatures, and they aim to provide them with permanent, loving homes. My husband and I went through a very thorough pre-adoption process. Once we were approved we spent a few hours at the Haven talking to the director and learning all about what they do to care for these abandoned birds.

Why support this rescue? Well, namely: You save lives and provide loving homes! In addition to that, anyone interested in adopting should know that rescues are usually cheaper than breeders, birds have been vetted, and our bird came to us adjusted to a GREAT diet. Anyone whose ever had a bird knows it can be difficult to get them to eat healthy pellets and lots of fresh foods, but our Wings of Love rescue can't get enough of either! I think that speaks volumes to the Wings of Love mission statement triple R-E: rescue, rehab, rehome and education. Wings of Love puts so much work into these birds to make sure they go in the right homes with the right attitudes, diet, and socialization.

Since bringing our bird home we have kept in contact with the director. We send regular updates on how he's doing & she has offered great support to us by answering questions, encouragement, and further education. We know Wings of Love will do BIG things and continue to do great and amazing work once they have the acreage to expand their facilities to take in more birds and provide them with even more space to live and fly free!

Haley G.

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