Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. was established in 2003; we become nonprofit in 2005.  Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-Home and provide life-care sanctuary for birds that can no longer stay in their homes.

Specializing in birds conure size and larger, our goal is to ensure the birds brought into our rescue are physically and emotionally ready for their new home.  Taking a bird into your home is a long-term commitment.  If you are ready to make a long-term commitment to a rescued bird, learn more about our adoption process.

Here's where we are:

We ran for the first 16 years on our Directors 1 acre property. With the help of all of our wonderful supporters and the DJ&T Foundation we were able to purchase a 10 acre lot in the county near Ferris Texas. The lot was bare bones- but we've already been able to purchase a large modular building and set it on the property. With tons of delays, we're slowly working through all of the steps to getting our utilities on the property.  

Our Land


Our new building



In October of 2018 we were granted another grant that will allow us to build our much needed parrot facility. This building will be a 2400 square foot building and  will house a 500 square ft care-taker's apartment, approximately  900 square feet of parrot "hang out" space, a kitchen, bathroom, medical room and storage area.  We hope to begin breaking ground in January or February 2019 and at least have the building habitable by the summer of 2019 so that we can move all the birds to the new  property. We might not be able to finish every single detail but we will be most of the way complete by this time. We are eager for this new chapter in our life. 

Once the building is complete we will be looking to hire a live onsite care-taker for the new property. This of course will take a lot of  research and care by the board to choose just the right person. This person will work 30 hours a week to care for the birds and the property in exchange for their board.      


September 2016 Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. was honored to receive a certificate from the Animal Sanctuary Association.