We are no longer taking surrenders until further notice.

About Us

Wings of Love Bird Haven rescues domestic companion birds (conure-size and larger), rehabilitates them, and places them into new homes within Texas. We are a nonprofit outreach and placement program that obtains and places exotic birds that have been abandoned, mistreated, abused, or are otherwise in need of a new home, into safe custody. We work diligently to improve the lives of companion parrots by providing them with a safe and loving home. Wings of Love Bird Haven began operating in 2003 and became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in February 2005.

Bird Haven community

Our Mission Goals

  • Place birds that are surrendered into suitable homes
  • Healing and rehabilitation for abused and neglected birds
  • We are a no-kill shelter. If a bird cannot be placed in a suitable home due to health or behavioral issues, they will remain at the Haven in good care for the remainder of their lives.
  • Promote education on proper avian care and welfare for new and current bird owners