To begin, please fill out the surrender form below. We will accept your bird if:

  1. You have completed the surrender form
  2. We have room in the quarantine building
  3. You have paid the surrender fees

Surrender fees are necessary because we must test each bird for avian illnesses before they may enter our flock. This insures the health of each bird at the facility. These tests are not free. The lab charges us to run these tests. We simply charge you the same amount we must pay for the tests.

Each bird must be tested for psittacine chlamydia, PBFD, and Pacheco’s, to name a few. If deemed necessary, some birds will require additional tests. The tests are $35-$45 each. Most birds require 4 tests. The following is the average testing cost for different sizes or breeds of parrot.

  • Minimum amount for budgies is $70
  • Minimum amount for quakers and cockatiels is $105
  • Minimum amount for mid size parrots is $150 per bird
  • Minimum amount for large parrots is $150 per bird

Surrender Form