Note: We only adopt within the state of TEXAS.

Steps in the Adoption Process:

  1.  Please read all adoption materials and our website prior to beginning the adoption process.

  2. Fill out and send in Parrot Interest Survey Thoroughly. This can be done via email, fax or regular mail.

  3. Send in the 25.00 application fee.This fee is nonrefundable. This must be received before anything else is done. If we don't receive the application fee within  2 weeks of receiving your Parrot Interest Survey we will assume you have changed your mind about the adoption.

  4. Once the application is received board members/adoption coordinator will review application. If there are any questions someone will either call or email you for verification.

  5. Someone will get in touch with you to let you know if application is approved or not. If not, you will be informed of the reason for denial.  At this point you would need to let us know if you plan to make appropriate changes and re-apply.

  6. Once approved we will set up a home visit. Depending on where you live in respect to the Haven this can be immediate or take up to a month or longer for us to schedule this.

  7. Once home visit is complete again there will be an email letting you know if you were approved or not. If approved we can then set up the visit to the Haven. If we did not approve you have the opportunity to make changes and request for a re-visit.

  8. Once you visit the Haven we will try to help direct you to the bird that seems the best fit for you and your family, depending on many situations. Residence, lifestyle, etc will be the deciding factor on which bird is best for each person.

  9. It is not uncommon that we ask you to visit the Haven more than once to make sure it is a good match. Please do not expect to take home a bird the very first time you visit.

Required for all adoptions:

  • Parrot Interest Survey is required to begin the adoption process.

  • there is a 25.00 application fee to apply for adoption

  • Phone screening or face to face interview Home visit required

  • References checked

  • You must agree to a background check

  • Adoption fee required

  • Continued support- email contact for 3 years required

  • Legal Contract

  • *** It is our desire to begin chipping all birds that we adopt out so the new owners have the ability to sign their bird up with Lost and Found Parrots. This program has NOT been implemented yet.


Some of the things we look for in the new home:

Adequate Cage size, style, condition

The environment such as temperature, airborne toxins, risks from other pets,

adequate diet

adequate out of cage time

proper outside restraint

willingness to vet at any time- once a year vet check is recommended and as needed.