Adoption Application

Adoption Process *

*Please read before filling out the adoption application

Our adoption process begins with the adoption application. Once it is filled out and submitted, (and if we are adopting at the time,) you will be contacted to discuss what interests you, and schedule a visit to The Haven.We require, at minimum, 2 visits of 1 hour or more with the bird in question before an adoption may take place. 3 visits for larger birds. Parrots are not easy. We want you to know exactly what to expect from the parrot you choose to adopt. (We recommend volunteering with us for a few weeks or months. It is a great way to spend time with each parrot in our facility.)

Once you are certain of the bird you have chosen, and spent the required time with them, we will schedule a home visit. During this visit, we will discuss the area in which your bird will reside, it’s diet, and it’s routine. The goal of these actions is to ensure your bird has a permanent, loving home with people who understand and accept their behaviors and needs.If all this is approved, we will go ahead with the adoption. 

Things to keep in mind when adopting

Your age vs. the parrot. Parrots live a long time. Sometimes 60+ years. Unless you plan to draw up a will with a trust endowment lasting the remainder of your parrot’s life, please get a parrot appropriate to your age. For example:  please do not adopt a parrot under 10 years old if you are over 50. In 30 years, you will likely no longer be able to care for the bird, while the bird will be in the prime of it’s life. It is not fair to commit to this bird now, then make no arrangements for the rest of its life after you are gone. Make no mistake, your bird will be DEVASTATED!l when you leave it for any reason, be it downsizing, illness, or death. Please be responsible in choosing an appropriate bird for your life expectancy.

Parrots are messy. They throw food, and enjoy doing it. Birds drop almost everything they touch to the floor. Let’s not forget… they poop.Parrots are loud! Very loud, sometimes. Many times, it is quite inconvenient.

All parrots bite. Every single one. It is your job to monitor their body language and gauge their temperament. All bites are preventable, and are the human’s fault. If you are not sure whether the bird will bite or not, it is best to stay away from the bird.

You will need to submit for consideration: