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Pineapple is a fruit that might require a bit more effort than just biting into an apple, but it’s loved the world over, nonetheless.

We’re always keen to share our favorite foods with our parrots, but it’s important to check it’s safe before we do so—so can parakeets eat pineapples?

Yes, parakeets can safely eat pineapples. They are perfectly healthy and tasty and make a great treat for your birds. However, they must only be fed in moderation, as they are very nutrient rich. See them as an occasional treat, mixed with other fruits and veg.

You can definitely feed your parakeets pineapples safely, then.

It’s just a case of being careful not to overfeed them on pineapple, or indeed any one type of fruit.

There are many benefits to eating pineapple, though, so let’s look into it.